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Saturday, February 09, 2008

OpenUP and Eclipse Process Framework

Today there exist many process libraries for software development. As example, we have MSF (Microsoft Framwork), RUP (Rational Unified Process), and OpenUP (Open Unified Process). Most of the process libraries are augmented by process editing tools and process support tools.

Process Editing Tools:
One of the common problems of process definition is inconsistencies and hence errors. Process editing tools make editing visual, structured and consistent. EPF (Eclipse Process Framewrok), Rational Method composer are a famous examples.

Process Support Tools:
MSF is supported by TFS. A sophisticated and integrated solution for software teams to collaborate and organize their work. RUP also come with many of Rational sophisticated tools such as Rational Requisite Pro to manage requirements, Rational ClearCase for version control. EPF as an open source can be supported by many open source tools such as OSRT for requirements management and Subversion for configuration management.

Process support tools manage the work items greatly and can easily provide detailed reporting and statistics, however it requires a steep learning curve and formal training.

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