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Monday, March 03, 2008

SECC and Agile Conference

SECC has organized Agile conference in Grand Hyaat, Cairo, Egypt. For more details visit:

I note that, some of the presenters gave the impression that Agile is anti process which I believe is false. XP and Scrum are processes. May be flexible and lean processes but still are processes. I like the idea I learned from RUP that you should balance and select the right ceremony for your exact project. Ceremony is the level of documentation and formalism in doing you software activities.

Requirements Managemetss Eclipse PluginRequirements Managements Eclipse Plugin

1- XML based SRS

The SRS Eclipse plug-in is meant to provide an intuitive means to edit an XML based Software Requirements Specification. The xml schema derives from the growing consensus that requirements can effectively be identified through Use Cases. The use case strategy of asking "What do you need to accomplish with this system?" keeps users and developers focused on visualizing how the application ought to perform a required function. Eventually, well written Use Cases start to look similar to a Users Manual, leading to the secondary function of the SRS, the generation of a skeletal User's Manual in a format suitable for editing on any platform. Additionally the plug-in supports tractability throughout the development process by tracking which components "realize" the Use Cases.

Look also at the example document generated.

2- Reqs Modelling

The eclipse plugin product facilitates requirements management within the Eclipse integrated development environment by providing a plugin. The plugin provides perspectives and views for maintaining a set of requirements.