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Friday, January 23, 2009

The camp? I swear that I would sacrifice my life for the camp!

-The camp? I swear that I would sacrifice my life for the camp!

The camp means everything to me and to all its inhabitants.

The camp is our soul. Our life

and it will stand high and proud forever, it has always been so anyway.

Everywhere in the camp you find someone looking for a relative

There is not a single person at the camp who was not suffered.

looking for their home or a missing body.

But we will not give up

Yes they destroyed everything but we will re-build it despite their presence.

We will re-build everything on the basis of resistance and Sharon must be aware of the resistance of the Jenin camp for all his life.

I would like to say something which has nothing to do with hope or all that ensues but to the Israelis I have to say:

“Proud as eagles we will live Erect as lions we will die”

May each Israeli bear this in mind.

Jerusalem is ours.

Jerusalem is ours.

When I heard that Sharon was coming to the camp, I was so angry that I burst into tears

Because I had a great desire to take revenge on him, to torture him so to speak.

-Do you believe you can defeat Sharon?

-Yes I can, why not?

-He is stronger than you. How would you be able to?

-I am stronger than him thanks to my will. I can defeat him thanks to my will. Because I am defending my nation, because he murdered innocent people whom I knew very well. I can defeat him because he has dispersed our people.

He destroyed each corner in the camp without sparing one single house.

-what would you do if you had a million dinars?

-I would donate them to the injured to buy blood and to re-build the camp.

-Me too. I would donate them to the office to divide it amongst the homeless they could rent some caravans until their houses re-built so that the camp will look better than before.

If I were old enough I would have donated my blood to the injured.

Fighting the enemy, this doesn’t mean that I am cruel. I defend my motherland. I defend my camp.

We will never make peace with them. Even if our president does so .I will never make peace with them. It is true that I am a good person but Jews are hateful. They invaded us. We are defending our land.

If they capture your son wouldn’t you do anything to get him back?

So we feel the same for our land. Our land means everything for us.

As we used to say: Our woman still exists.

We will keep on having children. They will become stronger and braver than ever.

I am not afraid of these cowards.

They are like mice. Despite their great weapons.

They still hide behind their tanks. Afraid of civilians like us.

Their cowardice is legendary.

We are not afraid of them no matter what they do.

Their bombs came down on us like water because they
are losers and cowards…

Let the Jews come and see the camp and experience the bombardment we endured for just one day.

They would immediately forget their idea of a Great Israel and of Jerusalem as its capital.

If only a Jew could experience what we have been through for one day!

They would abandon their conquest of Jerusalem.

I saw died bodies…houses in ruins…and undescribable atrocities.

After all I have been through what will become of my life?

After they shattered my dreams what is left for me to say?

There is no life.

The camp is like a tall eminent tree the tree has leaves and each leaf of this tree bears the name of a martyr.

I would like to say to the Jews that even if they break a few branches others shall grow in their place were not able to reach the top of the tree.

-The camp? I swear that I would sacrifice my life for the camp

The camp means everything to me and to all its inhabitants

The camp is our soul. our life

My greatest wish…

My greatest wish is to go back home.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ahmed Mahmoud Hammad

Ahmed Hammad

Agile Consultant at IBM

Ahmed is an Agile and CMMI consultant for the last 9 years. Before that, he worked for 10+ years as a developer and a technical manager.

Ahmed enjoys empowering and supporting Agile teams to reach their potential. His support includes assessment, training, facilitation, and coaching for management processes as well as technical excellence practices such as Test Driven Development, Continuous Delivery and Behavior Driven Development. 


  • B.SC. in Computer Engineering
  • Certified Scrum Professional
  • Certified ICAgile Trainer
  • Certified ITIL Expert
  • Certified Agile Tester, ISTQB.




  • Currently Agile Consultant at IBM since Jan 2016.
  • 8+ years experience consulting, training and coaching Agile, CMMI and ITIL at SECC of ITIDA.
  • 7+ years management experience at Harf, QuickTel, and Amadsoft/IESCOM.
  • 7+ years programming experience at Sakhr and Harf.

Some Numbers:

  • Trained 1100+ in 80+ rounds for Agile and Software Engineering.
  • Coached 18+ organizations about Agile and Technical practices
  • Consulted 3 organizations for CMMI using Agile methodologies
  • Assessed 33+ company practices based on CMMI or Agile.
  • Consulted 27 about CMMI
  • Contributed in 5 CMMI appraisals
  • Consulted 5 organizations about ITIL

My Work at IBM:

  • Authored training material for 3 Agile courses, one of them (ICP) is accredited by ICAgile. 
  • Conducted 10 rounds of Agile training for developers, testers, and Scrum Masters.
  • Consulting distributed teams on Scrum and XP practices.
  • Founded and leading Modern Agile Community.


You are really an amazing instructor, I enjoyed the course, You helped me to understand topics very well. I become more interested in Agile, Trying to apply it on my technical and personal live.
 - Mohamed Mansour, Infrastructure Specialist-AIX/UNIX, IBM Egypt

Ahmed, thank you for the 15 hours of Agile education. Your online class went very well and I'm grateful to have had the opportunity.
 - Jina Zaighami, IBM Global Business Services (GBS), AD&I North America Quality Testing Services (NAQ TS)

I was in your previous agile session , wanted to thank you , it was very useful session and it was very engaging and interesting , looking forward to more of your sessions in the future. 
Zeyad Mahmoud El Hodaiby, Test Specialist, IBM Egypt

The course was very useful.
We can apply what we have learned on our project so we can improve our quality.
Dina Embaby, Practitioner Portal GBS L&K, Test Specialist

Thanks for the course, I've really enjoyed it.
It was an amazing new experience! 
Tarek Ammar PMP®, IT Testing Specialist

I was very happy and proud working with Eng. Ahmed Hammad as a Quality Expert while consulting our company in Process Improvements. He is very creative, talent, real expert, added many values and knowledge to the company members. I admit he is having a very calm and passionate personality that supported many difficulties. Ahmed is always motivating and encouraging teams. Ahmed is having a very wise and professional personality as well as wide technical experiences.

- Rania Kamel, Quality Division Manager,
 Egyptian Banks Company

Working with Ahmed was amazing whether it was in her role of consultant or simply as a "go to" and trusted person. Ever since he started to work with our company, he has been adding great value and was a significant game changer. Ahmed is highly recommended and I am looking forward to working with her [him] again in the future.

- Mosaab Shoulie
, Director of Development, SyrianSoft

I enjoyed Ahmed's class in Test-Driven Development. He's very knowledgeable and helpful. His wide experience, supported by his friendly personality, delivered an excellent teaching experience during a 3-days, hands-on workshop that I found very useful and inspiring.
I highly recommend any classes or services Ahmed provides.

- Ahmed Moawad, Chief Operating Officer

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Friday, January 09, 2009

Windows Command Line Mailer : Blat

Blat - A Win32 command line SMTP mailer. Use it to automatically eMail logs, the contents of a html FORM, or whatever else you need to send.

Enjoy it at