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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ISTQB Foundation Level Course @ FCIS

ISTQB, International Software Testing Qualifications Board, Foundation Level course.

Course Targets:
1) Introduce the testing career option for this year graduates (4th year students)
2) Spread the awareness of the testing field regardless what will the attendee's career preference will be (or his current job is) to have a better understating of the role of their testers collogues at work
3) Help graduates who currently work in development field and are thinking of switching their career to testing in taking this decision.
4) Explain the ISTQB syllabus for those who intend to take the exam and get certified (can be already working in the testing field) and encourage others to get the certificate.

Targeted audience (prioritised):
1) 4th year Students
2) Previous years graduates
3) 3rd year students
4) 2nd and 1st year students are welcomed
*Attendees from other universities are more than welcomed.

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