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Monday, May 12, 2014

Thursday, May 01, 2014

The Agile Mindset Meetup

3 days ago, we had met in The group was over 20 persons and it was well organized.
Amr Noaman did an excellent presentation on Agile with nice videos that makes the concepts crystal clear.

Here is the event URL:

The meetup URL:

Listening to a presentation:

 Prioritizing future topics collaboratively like a typical Agile team :)

First Agile Cairo Meetup: How to Fail with Agile Methods

We did a meetup last week and it was really exciting. The count was small and hence it was like a round table discussion, which I really like. Here is a photo.

I can not stop without mentioning Amr Elssamadisy and his great comments especially on SAFe and DAD methodologies.  I recommend to everyone to read his excellent book Patterns of Agile Practice Adoption, The Technical Cluster.

Event URL:

Meetup URL