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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Joined Happy Melly

I just joined @Happy_Melly network! and became a supporting member.

Why is that important?
I love my programming work and find it a joy and it was miserable why current management practices make people unhappy and disappointed unnecessarily. But simply I have no solution. I worked as a manager for 8 years and still can not find how to really manage the right way.

My exploration started by discovering Agile and Extreme Programming and found ways to find joy while developing great application. What was really great, is finding that joy on the team level.

Next, I discovered self organization through Open Space Technology by Harrison Owen great book and mailing list. I learned that, we are already self-organized and happy creatures and poor management just delays us and makes us unproductive and unhappy. But still something is missing in the buzzle.

That missing thing is uncovered recently. I discovered Management 3.0, and found the whole concept of self organization and Agility expanded to all areas of management, even areas that seems untouchable such as performance appraisals and bonuses.

I am learning and exploring all the time, very soon I will share with you my new stories.

Be Powerful Be Happy

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